Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.
We're combining them.
We revolutionize the way you interact with the music you love. MoodFlux is a music player with a personality. Access all your loved songs in an fresh interactive way.
MoodFlux uses your web-cam to learn what songs match your current mood based on how you react to them and will play similar songs that you will surely enjoy.
The MoodFlux Party Mode will be your own personal band or DJ that will play the songs people love and dance to the most at your parties.
Tired of your mouse? The power to interact with MoodFlux is at your fingertips using Leap Motion technology.
See what your friends are doing.
Share your mood.
Connect with people with the same tastes as you.
Listen to your music while Mood Flux listens to you. Download our Demo!
MoodFlux won 2nd place at the Intel RealSense AppChallenge contest out of 7000 entries worldwide!
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